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It might not be the first thing that strikes you – but our business hotel right by the Lake Wörthersee lagoon is suitable for seminars, conferences, workshops and anything else that will help you and your company. Maybe we’ve just forgotten to maintain any kind of boundary between the “private” sphere and the world of “business” – the distinction has become a little blurred at our hotel.

Lake Wörthersee is there for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps you think business and pleasure don’t mix? Then try our Business Lunch, which is sure to change your mind. Joking aside: the Seepark Hotel is truly a place to enjoy. Here, you can enjoy breaks between seminars outside in the lagoon. Or for those all-important meetings you can hire our Master Suite, which has its own meeting room. Among the seminar rooms, which come in all shapes and sizes, the largest and most attractive is our park by the lagoon, which is excellent for group work, yoga sessions and action-packed motivation sessions.


Car park magic

We know that a car park is not exactly a romantic place. But just try organising a big company event, a wedding or something similar, and you will quickly realise how important such an asphalt “crock of gold” is. And we have a really big car park! Which is why the Seepark Hotel is so good for conferences and seminars, if you have employees based all over Carinthia or even in other parts of Austria or Europe. Everyone can park at the front, spend the whole day in the hotel including meals (we offer barbecues as well!) and then either spend the night here by the lagoon in one of our 142 rooms, or head off home after a stimulating and enjoyable day. One other thing we should mention is that the nearest motorway exit is just a few hundred metres from the hotel, taking you in any direction you wish. Fantastic!

What do orchids and roses have in common?

Quite right – they are both plants. And right again – they are also the names of seminar rooms at our hotel. Others are “Alpe-Adria” and “Carinthia”, and we have a total of 5 offering space for up to 200 persons. Screens, flip charts, pin boards, projectors and stages are all part of the service as far as we are concerned. And if we happen not to have something, then we will hunt it out for you – we want you to come back again and again. Because the world needs fresh ideas, and it makes us really happy to think that some of these ideas come into being here at our hotel.

How about something different?

Corporate trips and events have long since ceased to be tedious and boring affairs. We certainly make sure they are anything but. For “bonding” between employees or for encouraging them to think creatively, how about our dragon boat races or “SUP” (stand up paddle boarding)? The “sea dogs” will be delighted with a boat trip, while the action junkies would probably prefer tandem paragliding. We say: everything is possible!




Business happens where people meet and we`d like to contribute to your success. Whether you`d like to stay in private or organize a large conference we offer tailor-made solutions in terms of accommodation, catering and conference rooms. You are looking for that little extra? Let`s meet and we`ll make it happen.


Happy seminar customers are important to us. Yawn. You`ve heard it a thousand times. We`ll rather let the facts speak for us. Our 5 seminar rooms can host up to 200 attendants, further there is a 3000 sqm park outside (we rather regard it as a business playground) and our 142 rooms a perfectly suited for business customers. Please check our packages and special incentive offers. We are more than happy to host your dinner, wedding ceremony or party.

Let us know what we can do for you.

Lights off, projector on. We offer modern technical equipment to ensure your presentation gets the attention it deserves. Daylight, pens and notepads are included in any seminar booking. If we don`t have it but you need  it we`ll just rent it from one of our partners and the best part is: we`ll only charge you what we pay for it.

"U" or "O", parliament or cinema. Nope, you`re not part of "Who wants to be a millionaire" but those are rather seating configurations for our Seminar rooms.

 If you want to know if your group will fit in see for more informatione here.

You want it in writing? Sure Thing. Check our downloadable seminar- and banquetfolder. Remember: Everything is a "can" and nothing is a "must". Challenge us! Our promise is to offer all the flexiility that will make your seminar or event a success. Plus: As a memeber of the Kärnten Convention initiative we are proud to offer a network with vast resources.

Weddings & Events


... when the occasion arises. And we are pretty good in finding an occasion to party. Especially if it`s the party of your life - your wedding which we will organize for you. How about our rose garten, in the park on the terrace or champagne reception on a boat which will pick you up right at our marina.

Safe travels on the journey of your life!



... is how your co-workers our customers will feel. Incentives made by Seepark offer a wild range of activies. Winter Beachvolleyball in a caribbean setting with a heated beach, sundowner boat trip including a captain`s dinner, "jodl"-workshop, pool billard, tournament, segway or dragon boat race we like it when things get wild. Let us entertain you and your guests. Together with our partners we are looking forward to hosting your event and there are few things we can`t make happen. Well there`s one: we can`t participiate for you.

Caribbean Feeling
Alpe Adria Incentives
Teambuilding and side event
Spirit & technology
3000 sqm playground

Schloss Maria Loretto


Count Johann Andreae of Rosenberg obviously proved his taste when he selected Loretto to be the building place for his castle in 1652. Today it`s considered one of the most beautiful spots along the shores of the Wörthersee lake. You`ll believe us when you have a relaxing sundowner in the castle gardens. No matter if a business dinner, a small clubbing or your wedding Loretto is just the perfect place. Need to be convinced: Loretto is just a short walk from the hotel. Party there, sleep here. It`s just a couple of steps to a relaxing sleep.