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At the Seepark Hotel, you could spend practically every waking moment eating, starting with breakfast and ending with supper. In between, at midday we offer our Business Lunch and of course also our Snack menu, which includes the Seepark Burger. The heart of our hotel, our kitchen, is situated at the level of the lagoon - so that you can enjoy the most beautiful view while you are eating, and sip your wine as you sit by the water. We heartily recommend our Seepark Bernstein house beer, the Sauvignon blanc from southern Styria, and the Merlot from the Reeh vineyard on Lake Neusiedlersee. And there is plenty more where these come from!


Taste of the Alps and Adriatic

To some extent Klagenfurt and the whole of Lake Woerthersee are "in the middle". On the one hand your cuisine belongs to Austria with its "royal and imperial" specialities such as Wiener Schnitzel and beef rolls, and on the other hand we can watch and learn much from Italy in terms of culinary variety. So there is almost always fish on the lunch menu, and we like to who our guests how invigorating a Mediterranean lunch can be. And in the wild garlic season we will include it in our soups. We also use asparagus, game or pumpkin in season. More detailed and specific information is alwyas avaiable online on our current menus.


Pure taste


Naturally we go to all this trouble so that you enjoy your time with us. We like it even better if you are really enthusiastic! However, one cannot force these things, and this is not what we do. But it is particular pleasure to us to welcome local Carinthians. Because eating with us really is like having a short holiday. So just drop in and enjoy a meal in our restaurant!


Whether open for breakfast or a snack, lunch or dinner ... we have opened the restaurant for you from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm ... and every day. Curious what we cook so? Then simple click on the images.


Opening times Monday to Sunday: 06:30 am to 10:00 pm
Information and Reservation: or
per phone +43 463 204499 0
Reservations required ... we have only a limited space.


Brunch, Specials & More


Sundays were made for brunch. Or is it the other way around? No one really knows. One thing is certain: at our Seepark Laguna restaurant, Sunday midday is reserved for a generous brunch menu. And our brunches also have themes. Not so much "Star Wars" or "70s" themes, but culinary themes based on asparagus or mushrooms, for example. From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm you can devote yourselves to one of life`s greatest pleasures - eating delicious food! And you certainly don`t have to be a guest at our hotel to do so. Anyone of Klagenfurt, Velden or the surrounding area can come here and enjoy the magical dishes created y ohr head of chef and his team. The show starts with an aperitif and breakfast dishes, then gradually merges into lunch. The cost is EUR 32,00 - including drinks from the buffet!

 ... sleep in and chill out!
From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm

25th November- Classic Brunch
EUR 34,00 per person
02nd December- Classic Brunch
EUR 34,00 per person
09th December- Classic Brunch
EUR 34,00 per person


 Price includes welcome drink, brunch and drinks from the buffet. Children under the age of six eat free of charge; until 12 years receive a discount of 50%.

Stylish celebration in the restaurant Laguna

Christmas Party

Every year again... the search for a suitable location for the Christmas party. With the company, the club, friends and family. Don't panic - you'll soon be able to relax... because our Christmas angel Manuela is ready to fulfill your wishes for the event! Whether menu or buffet, on a very small basis or on a large scale for up to 130 people: Our motto is: You wish, we play! So that your company Christmas party becomes an evening to remember. Do you have some party people on your team or are you one yourself? A little tip: continue partying in the GIG Bar afterwards. So all those are served in celebratory mood and the others can sneak away inconspicuously...

So make sure you have your desired date and enjoy it!

Manuela Hauer-Pawlik
+43 463 20 44 99 -732



Dear guests,

sustainability is very important for us - especially when it comes to our valuable food. That's why we decided to change our business lunch. From Monday, July 9, our DAILY SPECIAL will replace the lunch buffet. From Monday until Friday (except public holidays) from 12:00 a.m. to 2: p.m  we offer a special dish recomended from our chef for only EUR 11,50 a day - always a main course including a side salad.

You prefer choosing from the À-la-card menu? No problem either... from 12:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. you can also choose from our menu as well!



Enjoy a romantic Candle light Dinner in our Restaurant Laguna ... including a 4 course dinner with a little bottle of champagne (0,375l) ...
EUR 109,00 for two.

 Incidentally: you can book the package also with overnight stay ...
from EUR 224,00.
HERE you find more information.



Shared happiness is double happiness. This is why we offer you a variety of gift cards to surprise your friends, relatives, loved ones and lovers or just someone you really care about. Be careful: They`ll hug you! Choose your gift card by filling out the form and share happiness! No matter what gift card you decide on the assured you made a great choice!

Restaurant Laguna
Seepark SPA
Individual gift cards