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We enjoy it - because we know that our wellness area calms you down. It's quite simple: pull on a bathrobe, enter the spa area, and all your worries from the real world will just disappear. It doesn't get any easier.

Once you are inside our area of wellbeing, deep relaxation sets in. But first, dear spa visitor, there's a big decision to make: will you choose the lounger next to the lagoon? In the middle of nature, listening to the calm water and looking into heaven. Or would you prefer to be at the poolside, where the cosy warmth is just a stone's throw away and you can lose yourself in a good book? The third candidate is duskier, and therefore more peaceful: some loungers are placed around the saunas, which promise so much calm that you risk falling asleep. The only opportunity to stay awake is a walk to the tea station. Or you could just let it happen and slip into slip. Is there anything better?

Wellness Wonderland

We have dreamt up a lovely wellness world for you. Tasteful, of course. And never overrun. There is so much to experience because we like to give our guests a real cold shoulder ... and a warm one ... and a cold one ... and ... another warm one! It’s not a case of stepping in from the rain to under the eaves but rather from the steam bath into the ice grotto and then back into the Finnish sauna. And that does a world of good for your body. One or two people have even said it left them feeling brand new. Honest!

You’re so beautiful!

You are beautiful, just as you are! But if you want to be even more amazing, then we can recommend our partner Sothys – the luxury skincare brand hasn't been crowned a luxury one in vain. After using it, you feel just like royalty. We didn’t believe it ourselves, until we tried it!


So when is it closing time, pause, time-out, end, peace? The journey starts with the first step. 900 square metres of relaxation await you in our Move & Relax area. We promise you’ll find your peace. Steam bath, sauna, ice grotto and, yes, two relaxation areas ensure that you’ll enjoy the calm. Hitting pause was rarely so exciting – just how we like it. But we also like a bit of active recovery, so there is also a fitness room and a pool in the spa. And besides that, the resort opens directly onto the most beautiful running track in Carinthia ... alongside Lake Wörthersee.

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